1939 Buick 46 S Sports Coupe
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I'm impressed with the overall condition of this 1939 Buick. It was sold to the gentleman I bought it from as an original ""survivor car"" and they believe that it's 54,616 original miles. Now has 56,421 miles showing. There is no way to prove that. I will tell you that the car is pretty amazing for the fact that almost everything works. The cigarette lighter works, the dome light does not. Maybe Old School Garage will get it working when they do the service and safety check. The trunk light works. I could not get the fog lights to turn on but Joe will. You won't believe how smooth the doors close. The engine is an eight cylinder 107 hp 248 cu.in. It runs very well but it has been rebuilt. Right now it has an exhaust manifold leak so it is noisy. Joe has found an exhaust manifold for it already. The transmission and clutch operate smoothly. Did you know that Buick was the first car with turn signals? The Buick emblem on the trunk lid is where the turn signals are and they were just fine. From 5 feet away you would think the paint is beautiful but it is not. It has been repainted at sometime. The interior could be all original except for the cloth wind seals around the doors. They just look too good to be original. It has jump seats in the back that fold up, out of the way for more storage. Another thing that works is the seat adjustment. It was smooth and they are almost always frozen up. The seat moves freely back-and-forth when you go to position it for your comfort. The trunk looks all original. It has the spare tire and jack. The chrome looks good but not perfect. It has BFGoodrich wide whites. The Buick is just in and needs to go to Old School Garage so Joe can make it a very pleasurable car to drive. I think you'll be very surprised how smooth and nice this car is to drive. Cond. # 3+.


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46 S Sports Coupe


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