2007 Boss Hoss Stud Hoss
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In 1990, Boss Hoss was founded by Monte Warne based out of Dyersburg Tennessee. The companies ideas were simple, put huge General Motors produced V8 motors in motorcycles. By the mid-1990s, Boss Hoss was selling 300 vehicles per year. As of 2006[update], Boss Hoss has sold over 4,000 vehicles. Boss Hoss bikes and trikes are noted not only for their power and size, but for their low vibration, especially when compared to that of V-twin or single-cylinder motorcycles. The damping effect of the unusually great mass and relatively high number of engine cylinders combines with the very tall gears of the semi-automatic transmission to provide what is often described as "vibration free acceleration". This has led some dealers and riders to affectionately describe the Boss Hoss as a "big scooter". Boss Hoss offered motorcycles and trikes equipped with either a small block or big block V8 engine up to 2007. In 2007 the last big block V8 motorcycle and trike was built. Both were equipped with a semi-automatic transmission with reverse. In 2000, Boss Hoss added the "Stud Hoss" to their line-up which was a 502-cubic-inch Chevrolet big block with 502 hp standard power. The "Stud Hoss" 502 was removed from the Boss Hoss line-up in 2007.As crazy as the "normal" Boss Hoss is, there's always someone out there to take things to the next level. The bike you see here is a modified "Stud Hoss" that was completed by Chopper City Sports in Minnesota. The motor in the bike now is an all aluminum 502 Cu In big block that's been stroked to 555 cubic inches. With the horsepower over 650, this bike is pure insanity! With a twist of the throttle at 80mph this bike will actually smoke the back tire! The frame has been raked to give the bike a more stable ride and has been completely chromed. The black paint with custom green flames looks great and extends from the fenders to the tank to the bars. The fuel tank has been stretched to allow for a higher capacity for the big block. In the rear, the original disc brake has been replaced with a larger disc and caliper for more stopping power. The rear tire is a BF Goodrich G-Force 295/35ZR18 radial that has been rounded on the edges for better handling. The 555 Cu In big block was completely rebuilt, bored and stroked. There has been a roller cam installed which makes the idle sound as incredible as the bike looks. A custom aluminum radiator with push fan was also installed to give more cooling to the motor. The transmission is a two speed automatic with reverse. The current mileage shows just under 6,600 miles which is actual for the bike. VIN number is 1B9TBVC497D285309 and the bike is being sold on a clean Missouri title.


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