1980 Ducati Si Mhr
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Mike Hailwood was one of motorcycle racings all-time greats, having won nine World Championships and seventy six Grand Prix victories with MV Agusta and Honda. His connection with the scariest road race in the world is also legendry, with 14 Tourist Trophy wins. He also competed in 50 Formula 1 car Grand Prixs and LeMans series races. In 1978 Mike Hailwood was enticed out of retirement to compete in the Isle of Man TT races on a NCR Ducati 900 prepared by Sports Motorcycles of Manchester England. He won the Senior TT event beating Phil Read on a Honda GB.To commemorate this historic victory, Ducati decided to build a small batch of Mike Hailwood Replicas. It was never intended to become a permanent addition to the Ducati line up, but by the early to mid-1980s became their biggest seller. But it is only the early 1979 and 1980 models, known as the series one that are collectable having been built on the Super Sport platform. The later models were built in far greater numbers and are less of a sports bike. The series two 1981-82 is more a Grand Sport machine and the series three 1983-84 is more a Grand Touring machine. The series four for 1985 grew to 1000cc and is barely recognizable from the original masterpiece.The series ones are recognized by the DM860SS frame number prefix. The later models were prefixed DM900SS. The total production for the series one models numbered approximately 600. The first 200 for 1979 had a plastic cover over the steel 900SS gas tank and a rather crude seat arrangement. This combined with a dull brick red paint and olive drab paint scheme with fewer decals. It made for a rather unattractive looking machine. These bikes were an instant smash hit, and were sold out immediately. So a further 100 were produced. These are the 1979 models.For 1980 production totaled 300 machines. It still had all the highly desirable Super Sport options, including one-piece fairing, Conti silencers, and 40mm pumper carbs with chip pan filters and no side panels. But also came with a proper steel gas tank and a suitable seat along with attractive bright red and green paint and decals.No series ones were officially imported to the United States, and only a few are here now. Making this bike one of the most sought after collectable Ducatis available.Do not confuse the series ones with the later lesser models. This bike is number #355. The 1980 models were #300 - #600. It was originally purchased from Mike Hailwood at his shop Hailwood and Gould in Birmingham England. It came to America 20 years ago and has been in a private museum, and is now being offered to the decimating collector/investor. With the 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sports now priced into six figures. This even rarer model should soon catch up and may likely surpass them.The bike comes with many MOT inspection certificates and tax discs showing its history and usage. Recently it had a recommissioning with a full brake and carburetor overhaul. The mileage of 19,576 kms (12,083 miles) is original. It has a US and UK title.


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Si Mhr


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