Why Join SVDA?

1. Most all types of business have a trade association. Don’t you think it would be a good ideal to have our own national association? There are lots of us that do and we want to take SVDA to that level.

2. Did you know that by joining SVDA you get your own web listing on SVDA web page? You can list all of your cars if it’s 10 or 200 and up to 36 photos. It’s easy to use. The best part it’s free to you as a member. Think of the SVDA web page as a $25.00 a month advertising expense. That’s the cost of your dues. Not bad.

3. Autabuy internet advertisers. This is big. When you belong to SVDA when you up load your internet ads on Autabuy they are automatically uploaded to your SVDA web page. That’s a great time savings to you.

4. Working on other discounts for SVDA members.

5. You share the same common philosophy of all our members, to have the highest standard of Ethics, Honesty and Integrity in the sales process.

6. In our current economic environment, advertising is very expensive. For under $2 a day you have the opportunity to advertise you’re business and entire inventory online in the global market!

7. Whether your marketing budget is small or large, it just makes sense to use your money wisely and to get the most advertising value for the dollars that you invest.